Ending Where It Began


Spring has finally sprung and with it comes many changes. One of the biggest being the end of my teaching program and the beginning of an exciting but uncertain next step- self employment (more on that later).

It is quite fitting that we had our last hurrah and said some goodbyes in Besancon. This is the city where it all began seven months ago- as we filtered into a small auditorium, assistants from all over the world, confused, tired, nervous and excited about the months to come.

It was surreal as we checked in to the same hotel we did seven months ago, danced the night away at the same rum bar, and satisfied our bready breakfast needs at the same cafe the next morning. There was a sense that no time had passed and that we were not saying final goodbyes as we parted.

But here it is already- the end. Time really does fly. And as it breezes past, were often left wondering, “where the hell did it go?” My dad once said that life is like a freight train- slowly working up to speed and gaining momentum, going faster and faster until it reaches it’s final destination. Might sound like a bit of a downer thing to say, but it stuck with me in that I need to make the most of the now. 

This past week filled itself with a whirlwind of emotions as I finished classes I would never have again, said goodbye to people I might not ever see again  and felt the ache of distance as I watched my former city suffer from unthinkable explosions and fearing for my friends- all set against the backdrop of long awaited warm, sunny, spring. My emotional turmoil was calmed by the well being of my friends, the strength of my city, the appreciation of my own well being, and the knowledge that out of darkness and change springs new beauty.

I cannot slow down time and I cannot change the ending of things, but I can appreciate the memories I’ve made, value what I have now and look forward, unafraid, to the unknown ahead.

Easier said than done, but it’s worth a shot.

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