This is How I Imagined it- Southern France

Well I survived the train travel hell and made it to the beautiful Aix-en-Provence. We even squeezed in a day trip to Cassis (a small gem of a town with the best ice cream! I would like to explore longer/again). Southern France has been built up in my mind, but boy does it live up to it’s expectations (even when France is having freaky summer cold fronts).

I’ve been a bit behind in my life lately. Between moving out, moving in, birthdays, beaches and travelling (I know, la vie est dure- sooo hard), I haven’t been up to date on the whole self employment or blogging thing.

So, in an effort to keep posting, I figure why not let the pictures do the talking? Because this really is how I imagined it- rolling hills of wildflowers and vineyards, quaint towns, crisp wine and fresh food (especially olives), sandy beaches, sunny skies, and lots of smiles.

La vie est vraiment belle.

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