Let Vacation Time Commence!

It’s official. Vacation time is here! I’m off to Paris today to retrieve my sister, and my cousin, and then on to Rome, Naples and the Amalfi coast (particularly excited about this one)! I then return to Grenoble for a week and meet friends in Spain for more European gallivanting. Hoping to post along the way, but I’m not exactly sure about internet accessibility.

But today I’m feeling grateful. Appreciative of visiting family friends, excited for family arrival, and happy to have the opportunity for these experiences.

As Epicurus wrote, “We must exercise ourselves in the things which brings happiness, since, if that be present, we have everything, and if that be absent, all our actions are directed toward attaining it.”

Or if quotes aren’t your thing, here are some pictures of Bastille Day fireworks. Fireworks are fun. These were awesome.

Especially when they projected them off of the protruding tower in the middle of the park. That was a firework first.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Monday!

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