It’s the little things

Today I’m feeling appreciative of the little things in life that make a big difference. Like:

  • The universe aligning to alleviate stress, reduce complicated factors and streamline a difficult process (is streamline to corporate jargony? is jargony even a word?)

Or more specifically:

  • The French administration not only being accurate about the arrival of important documents (for once), but actually being EARLY with said documents!!
  • Receiving my récépissé a week in advance, thus allowing me to purchase my plane ticket home and be there for my Grandma’s consultation.
  •  Buying a round trip ticket to the United States 5 days before departure and discovering a ticket $1,000 less than the original expected price!
  • The knowledge that my visa might actually be ready when I return. And due to French error it might be a working visa!

And more generally:

  • A wonderful support system all over the world.
  • And knowing that I can return to an amazing source of support here in France.
  • The excitement that comes with returning home after a year.
  • The happiness that stems from my Grandma’s happiness.
  • Sharing celebratory desserts to further appreciate these little things.
  • And of course- kittens. Kittens are always worth appreciating.

Come Sunday, one of these will be mine (…and Antoine’s).

What’re you feeling appreciative of today?



Happy Friday Everyone!

Heading Home

Where to start?

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last post. So much has happened in that time. Where did it all go?

I guess when you have a surrogate family to introduce to Grenoble, sisters to meet at the airport in Paris, then cousins to meet at the airport in Paris, and nonstop drinking, laughing, chowing, sightseeing, conversing, exploring and general wanderlusting around Italy and Paris, it’s easy to lose track of time.

I have so many stories, so many adventures….and misadventures to report back. And those stories and photos will come. But right now, home is on the brain.


Something I’ve been thinking about and questioning more and more as I move around. But it’s funny how home can mean so many different things, can be so muddled and confusing as you travel, and redefine it’s meaning, and yet in a split second, the meaning of home can solidify into something so crystal clear. Continue reading