It’s the little things

Today I’m feeling appreciative of the little things in life that make a big difference. Like:

  • The universe aligning to alleviate stress, reduce complicated factors and streamline a difficult process (is streamline to corporate jargony? is jargony even a word?)

Or more specifically:

  • The French administration not only being accurate about the arrival of important documents (for once), but actually being EARLY with said documents!!
  • Receiving my récépissé a week in advance, thus allowing me to purchase my plane ticket home and be there for my Grandma’s consultation.
  •  Buying a round trip ticket to the United States 5 days before departure and discovering a ticket $1,000 less than the original expected price!
  • The knowledge that my visa might actually be ready when I return. And due to French error it might be a working visa!

And more generally:

  • A wonderful support system all over the world.
  • And knowing that I can return to an amazing source of support here in France.
  • The excitement that comes with returning home after a year.
  • The happiness that stems from my Grandma’s happiness.
  • Sharing celebratory desserts to further appreciate these little things.
  • And of course- kittens. Kittens are always worth appreciating.

Come Sunday, one of these will be mine (…and Antoine’s).

What’re you feeling appreciative of today?



Happy Friday Everyone!

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. I appreciate that you appreciate your grandmother. They really are the best.
    Also, on a random side note (which no one will care about), today on my way to work, I saw three cats on two blocks, and I was thinking that I want to adopt a cat, so that’s it’s coincidence that you’re adopting one as well.
    Maybe I should appreciate signs from the universe…
    and get a cat.

    • Haha I agree with the signs from the universe! I’ve been wanting a kitten FOREVER (because I’ve always had them in my life) and am so happy that we finally got one! Sadly I only got to spend two days with it as a result of my emergency flight home, but now I have extra things to look forward to for my return to France.

      I’d love to see pictures if you get one 🙂

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