Time of Traditions

Happy (belated) Halloween!


Though Spring takes the lead for my favorite season, I must say that this time of the year brings me immense joy. It’s the time of traditions.

First of all, there’s Halloween (which is then followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years). And while I generally don’t like horror movies, gore and the whole being scared out of your mind thing (I have an overactive imagination ok?), I LOVE Halloween. And what’s not to love? Gore aside, there are friends, fun, decoration, candy, and above all creativity. I’ll take any excuse to exercise creativity, gather with friends, and don a costume

…and binge on succulent sweets (the chocolate addict in me cannot lie).

I usually start brainstorming somewhere around summer, using the following months to piece the costume together, and adding details only an OCD person would notice. I blame my mom with all her infinite creativity. I had a homemade costume almost every year, and by 4th grade, I was making my own. Plus, my neighborhood was THE neighborhood for trick or treating. Haunted sidewalks, spooky backyard mazes, and webbed front porches became the norm during the weeks before Halloween. The bar was set high and I wanted to keep it that way.


My sister and I sporting Jasmine costumes made by my talented great-grandmother

Last year, I went on an amazing (and adventurous) road-trip through Eastern Europe, but I did not celebrate Halloween. Though the trip was wonderful, I returned feeling slightly off. How was it already November? Where did time go? I didn’t have my transitional tradition.

This year, however, proved to be much different. Grenoble, being the ever-growing English-speaking city that it is, has Halloween decorations galore. Unlike the bare windows of small Montbeliard, Grenoble shops had pumpkins, spiderwebs and even an occasional ‘Happy Halloween’ displayed among the shops. It’s weird how simply seeing reminders of Halloween brought me comfort. Not only was it a happy reminder of one of my favorite holidays, but also reminiscent of home. I didn’t feel so disconnected from it. I too could celebrate Halloween- even if I was in a completely different country.

It also helped that I had a French partner in crime who shared the same enthusiasm for Halloween fun. We roasted pumpkin seeds, carved the Catkin, decorated the apartment in Halloween finest, and even coordinated costumes for the soiree. One of my students even got in on the fun, surprising me with Halloween cupcakes for our tutoring session. I love this holiday! (And this student).

Being that I have a twisted sense of humor, I stuck with my theme of Twisted Disney Characters.

This year I was Alice in Shroomland (with my partner in crime)

This year I was Alice in Shroomland (with my partner in crime)

Twisted Disney characters of years past:

It was truly excellent to celebrate with a bunch of Frenchies, who quite frankly, know how to get into the creative spirit.

Savoring festive cupcakes and singing monster mash with my student, carefully carving the catkin, and crafting costumes with my partner in crime, and dancing to thriller and laughing with freaky frenchies, made for an excellent start to this time of traditions.

So here’s to traditions- old ones, new ones and those not yet created!

Happy Fall! 

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