Les Mots de la Semaine: Words of the Week

In an effort to keep up with my resolution of being more proactive with my French comprehension, I’ve started learning a word a day. Whether it’s from conversation, job applications, language exchanges, newspapers, or even just overhearing, I’ve been tuning into my surroundings, and capturing vocabulary by documenting new words in a notebook or my phone. And in an effort to further reinforce my French learning (and educate/entertain/interest people in random French vocabulary), I’ve decided that every Friday I shall post the Words of the Week- just a minimum of 5 words, their pronunciation, and meaning and/or context. (Note- pronunciation is a little wonky- some of it is my own pronunciation, and some of it is phonetic- so bear with me as I get a system down).

So Voilà- I present the first installment of:


Here are Les Mots (2 weeks worth since I technically started this last week):

1. Bête de scène (bet də sɛN) literally beast of the stage- this a great performer, some one who has excellent stage presence, or who comes alive on the stage

2. Aquarelles (ah-kwah-rehL)- watercolors, enough said

3.Croquer (cro-kay)- to bite, hence dry cat food being called croquettes (cro-keT)

4. Bénédiction (bene-dikt-cion)- a god send, aka something of great use and usually provides some sort of wonderful help (ex: ce petit vide est une bénédiction; this tiny vacuum is a godsend)

5. Rayures (rɛjyr) stripes, easy peasy

6.  Une pelle (pɛl), Pelleter (pɛl-tay) a shovel, to shovel (ex: Je pellette la neige avec ma pelle; I shovel the snow with my shovel) 

7.  Pleuvioter (plø-vjɔ-te)- sprinkling, drizzling, or raining lightly (had to go with fancy phonetics here; I recommend listening to this word on google translate)

8.Séance- unlike the spooky American usage for summoning of the dead, this means session or performance depending on the context

9. Encadrement (jeunesse)- supervision or coaching (Note: this is used in context of working with kids/teens, ex: encadrement de jeunesse, otherwise it apparently means frame. Also recommend listening to this word on google translate)

10. Animateur (jeunesse) (anee-ma-tour)– facilitator, or youth worker, however animateur pour enfants means children’s entertainer

Bonus: Faux Amis Warning! Persévérant = persistent

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Les Mots de la Semaine: Words of the Week

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for posting. I’ve been keeping a journal of new word I learn too, maybe I should follow your steps and share as well…

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