2: Les Mots de la Semaine: Words of the Week

It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for:petit-francais

As I said before, these are words I’ve picked up from conversation, job applications, language exchanges, newspapers, or even just listening to my surroundings. Every Friday I will post Words of the Week to reinforce my French learning, and hopefully additionally educate/entertain/interest people in random French vocabulary. So enjoy!(Note- pronunciation is a little wonky- some of it is my own pronunciation, and some of it is phonetic- so bear with me as I get a system down).

Voila, Les Mots:

1. Maladroit (mal-ah-drwa)- literally meaning ‘bad on the right’, this translates to clumsy

2. Vieillards (vyeh-yar)- old men specifically, whereas old people is personnes âgées

3. Allonger (al-on-jay)- to lengthen, however I learned this in the context of to spread or lay on something, (ex: tu es allongé sur le canapé, you are spread out on the couch, you lie down on the couch)

4. Ceinture (sɛtyr)- belt, and ceinture de sécurité is a seatbelt

5. Klaxonner (klax-oh-neh)- to honk a car horn, car horn being klaxon

6. Louper (loo-pay), Rater (rah-tey)– to miss, to miss out on, this is used more in the context of transportation or an exam, ex: j’ai raté mon vol (I missed my flight). Louper means the same thing, but is apparently more of a slang word

7. Fiche de poste (fee-sh de poh-st)- a job description

8. Postuler (poh-stu-leh) to apply for job, whereas appliquer (ah-plea-kay) is used in the context of applying a bandaid

9. Au noir (oh-nwar)- literally in black, this is similar to working under the table, working illegally

10. Guet-apens (get-ah-paw)- an ambush. Of course this is used in cowboy movies, but I heard this in the context of my boyfriend wanting to avoid a dinner that he knew would turn into a party.

Happy Friday and Happy Valentines Day! I know it’s an overly commercialized holiday, but I personally enjoy an excuse for creativity, candy, and letting the people in my life know I care!  

9 thoughts on “2: Les Mots de la Semaine: Words of the Week

  1. Right as a whole . Only allonger which means lengthen, while ” s’allonger” on a bed or a sofa, or par terre means to lay down . Then ” être allongé” means to be lying .
    S’allonger is a pronominal verb, you must know some of them, ther it’s conjucated like that ” Je m’allonge, tu t’allonges, il/elle s’allonge, nous nous allongeons, etc.. ” Ils s’allongent tous par sur leurs lits “, they lay down on their beds. Meanwhile, “Ils sont allongés sur leurs lits” means they are lying .
    And rater/louper can be used for objects too . ” Il a raté/loupé la balle” .

  2. Your pronunciation notes on the last one also sound like ‘Get ‘er Pa’ said in drawly Southern American state accent 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I love the French language! I was happy to see that I still remember most of those words!

  3. Yes if we go into pronunciation it’s difficult because we don’t know how the author tries to write it . Nevertheless, for sure the ending doesn’t suit in “apens”, pronounced like “apan”, which needs a specific symbol, as for these nasal vowels French has . For the final sound of ” apens” the international phonetic sign is ä .
    I’m not sure you heard well vieillard either . The first “i” is short, the whole syllable does ” vyeh” followed by “yar” with a French “r ” : vyeh-yar, or vyey-ar as you like .

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