Transit Musings

I haven’t been blogging

…Because I haven’t known what to say. I’ve spent far too much time lately running circles in my head, attempting to answer the all too cliche question of, “What do I want for my life?” And it’s hard to clarify when I want all the things (if you know of hyperbole and a half, thats the level of overwhelming enthusiasm I have). But I want things that are contradictory. I want community and consistency, but I also want spontaneity and adventure. I want roots, and yet I want to grow freely. And I can’t help but wonder, am I running away from something or towards something?

Maybe both?

I do know that when I said goodbye and left my friends and family for the umpteenth time, it felt no easier. The pit still lingered in my stomach and the tears still welled in my eyes.

…But I also know that as I stepped onto my international flight and heard the delightful greeting of a Scottish steward, something in me came alive. I loved being in the mix of different accents, the middle of different stories.

I just love to travel.

Will that ever change?

Here’s to finding out. I’m returning to France to be a Director of Amvil. That’s right, the return of the ‘Camp Diaries’ are near- this time director edition. And then it’s off Thailand for some long awaited teaching and much needed exploring.

Here’s to posting more and to finding my way on the next adventure.