Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Salut, Sawasdee ka, Anyeong! I’m Anna.

I am a traveling teacher originally hailing from the Southwest and then the Northeast of the U.S. (Austin to Boston). As if that wasn’t an adventure of its own, I now currently live in France. Thailand. South Korea.

My dream of teaching abroad first led me to the TAPIF program where I got paid to live in France! (And teach English to high schoolers). This opened the door for me to work as an animatrice, or counselor, at American Village (AMVIL) where I later returned as a Directrice, before moving to Thailand as a khun kru for 4th graders. I’ve now returned to the ESL world as a songsaenim in South Korea.

I hope to share the journey of living and teaching abroad, travel advice and recommendations, general life musings, some art, some veggie recipes, what it’s like to bumble through a foreign language, and what it is to get lost and explore.

If you have a desire to share some travel advice of your own, to explore your own personal happiness (εὐδαιμονία), or just a strong case of wanderlust, feel free to follow, comment, or even connect via facebook.

Thanks again for visiting! And since you made it to the end, here are more travel photos:

42 thoughts on “Allow Me to Introduce Myself

  1. Hi! Thanks for liking/following my blog! I’ll be reading yours from now on – I need a French fix every so often! Latvia doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to great wine, food, sexy men and a fabulous language! Hmm, why am I here again?! Linda.

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  4. HI there. Just wanted to say that you sound like you’re having an awesome time living your dreams. Just keep it up. Dream big dreams and they will come. Oh, and would love to recommend a book, Discovery of France by Graham Robb. I think you will really enjoy it.

  5. Hey Anna, Cool blog! It’s always great to read about other people’s travelling experiences. On our website we normally publish stories and articles about hitch-hiking and travelling so if you any story you would like to be seen by a wider audience (with a link to your blog of course). This is how we do it: Drop us a line if you are interested.
    Happy travels!

  6. You have got a beautiful blog running here. Snaps are indeed a revelation. Great work. Keep blogging. I will definitely hang around here a lot savouring the perfect cocktail you offer here.

  7. Hi Anna,

    With immense pleasure, I hereby nominate you for READER APPRECIATION AWARD! Its a great blog that you run here. So good luck. Hope this little recognition gives you the extra little kick to come back every day and share your thoughts with the vast world awaiting to hear you.

    Please find the information on the below link if you choose to accept the award nomination.

    Keep inspiring!!

  8. Hi Anna! I’m an expat myself, having lived in Sweden for three years. I’ve just returned to the States (Asheville, NC) and I’m loving it, but feeling like a foreigner in my home state. Exciting! I am so excited to share with you that I am featuring your blog on my Random Kindess Blog Tour today, since you are a positive inspiration to so many – to chase their dreams, explore, live, risk, and enjoy life – all things that I hold dear to me and try to convey on my blog. So, congratulations and I can’t wait to keep up with your adventures! – Liz

    • Wow Liz, I must say not only thank you, but that I am honored! I’m so happy that you found my blog, and better yet, that you have such kind words! I really love your random kindness tour idea- it’s a great way to be engaged in and connect to the blogging world. I look forward to exploring your blog and keeping up with your adventures as well!

  9. Helloooosss!!! Im so glad after seeing your posts!! it was just a fluke, I came across this page. We both share similar passion and interests!! Travelling keeps me happy!! And my only aspiration before I leave this world is to travel around the world!! 🙂
    Cheers!!! — Diya!! is my blogsite!! 🙂

  10. Hi Anna..Happy to stumble upon your blog. Travelling makes us a better person 🙂 I am a passionate travellers too who is exploring the world around me.

    I will be following you on your journeys.


  11. Hello Anna! I enjoyed reading your posts and I am glad i found your blog. I would like to join you on your adventures and hope to read more of your posts! Keep them coming 🙂

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