The Life List

I’ve always found bucket lists to be intimidating (how can I choose from all the things??), but in this time of wanderlust gone wild, I turn to an ever-changing set of goals to set my sights on, to help me evaluate what I want for the now, for the future, and to remind myself that change is not as scary as it seems. Hopefully I’ll be able to link posts and pictures to the items on this list as time goes on!

Voila! The First In Progress Ever Changing Edition of:

Anna’s Bucket Life List (in no particular order):

  • Teach in Thailand/Go on a “walkabout” 
  • Dream in French
  • Learn Spanish (first French-become biligualish)
  • Learn to snowboard
  • Go to an outdoor music festival (like the giant camping kind- I could just never afford that shit…but do it)
  • Learn to salsa- like really salsa
  • Then learn to swing…but first sick with salsa and maybe even some merengue?
  • Breathe in the air atop the pyramids of Peru
  • Face fear of sealife- snorkel in Egypt
  • Face fear of heights- ride a camel in the Moroccan sands
  • Face fear of heights in a less fun way- attempt to rock climb…again
  • Experience zero gravity
  • Go East
  • Commit to love
  • Touch a live elephant
  • Volunteer with kids, animals, my own community- wherever that may be
  • Zip line through the jungle
  • Teach multicultural art in an elementary school-public
  • Go back to grad school? For progressive art education?
  • Paint a body of work and exhibit it in a gallery
  • Sell paintings in cafe or marche
  • Master the scorpion yoga pose
  • Meditate in India
  • Join an adult soccer league
  • Learn how to garden- WWOOF?
  • Seek happiness through growth

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